Mystery SOLVED

I won't keep you in suspense ANY longer! I actually have 2 solved mysteries! Remember the QOV mystery I was working on? Over the weekend, I finished putting the blocks together. Here is the top:

Any suggestions on a border? It is a sticking point! I have more of the blue. The reds were scrappy anyway. What do you think of a stripped red inner/blue outer/pieced block corner? Maybe just a solid border? Not sure if just a blue border would do it for me. Could be workable with a red binding. It needs non fussy and I need EASY!

And here is the box mystery solved! I found a used HQ16. It is a sit down no wheels and no handles. The wheels I don't need. Julie at ToBeQuilting said I could use my B-line carriage. I DO need handles tho. I have 2 offers of used handles, but need today to call my machine repair guy. Hoping he can steer me to figure out if they are comptible with this machine. If I'm gonna plunk down more $ I need to know if they will play nice!


Tanya said…
Lovely quilt! You don't want to go for red sawtooth borders (not easy and not quick)?

What fun! Can't wait to see what you turn out with the HQ16!
Holy crap batgirl! Great're gonna have so much fun with that machine! Yipppeeeee for you!
Wow, great find on the machine! I hope your handles will play nice, so much better that way! Enjoy!
Kucki68 said…
How about blue and red fourpatches around as a checkerboard? Make a small blue inner border and a red binding?
Mary Johnson said…
I'm so far behind on my blog reading that you may have already finished this top. I like the idea of a blue border and agree it doesn't need anything fussy! It looks great!

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