I'm back!

Thought you were lucky and I was gone for good didn'tcha!!?? Well I WOULD have said 'April Fools" but that was yesterday and this is today! I had nothing to blog..and now I have TOO MUCH!

We tried to get out standby to Washington DC on Friday...um...can you say "GOOD FRIDAY"? As in the 1st day of Spring break for us....almost the end of spring training for the Valley? Lets just leave you with this memorable mental picture : arrival at airport 4:20 AM, brief rest at home for a couple hours ...return to the airport at around 2pm, final trip home at 5. Recuperate at home (because the flights are FULL all weekend) Here are our pictures from a BRIEF trip to Tucson by car! LOLOL

A trip to Tucson Electric Park to see one of the last Spring Training game before the season..

Spring training is a great time to see your favorite players up close...and get a glimpse of some of the youngsters you may see during the season. I would love to see EVERY game, but they won't televise them..and they didn't ask me...TYPICAL!

Here are a few pictures from the area where we spent the night. It is just west of the freeway in Tucson (which had EIGHT exits closed...and you had to drive literally past the city to get off...my poor dh's patience was frayed MIGHTILY!) The views were lovely tho!

some pretty vistas on the trip over the hill toward The Sonora Desert Museum and Old Tucson

The pictures really don't do this area justice. The air was cool and still..the flowers were blooming..it was lovely! More on the Desert Museum tomorrow...

OH! And a sneak peak of my new surprise!


QuiltingFitzy said…
Looks like you hade a good time in MY city, lol....were you waving at me? Yeah, thought I saw you!

We appreciate the construction, it's just y'all that don't.

You tease!
Moneik said…
So when do we find out what's in the box??
Norma said…
Aw, does that box have anything to do with the trip to Road to California? I hope so!

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