I'm still learning about my new how in the HECK can I download just ONE picture off it? It INSISTS that I use THEIR software, my computer does not "read" that it is even plugged in, and when I try to down load pictures I have only the option of saving EVERY LAST PICTURE on the card. ::::sigh::::: I will figure this out, I just hate learning something new. The old camera, while it never took GREAT pictures, was easy to use. This new one is hard retrieve pics off of!

I have some pictures of my binding choices for the jacket, the jacket re-sewn without binding...and one of the jacket with most of the main binding done...but I can't get them off the camera....Ok...I'll go try again... biggest boo boo yesterday? When I cut the sweatshirt up the middle, I slipped one of my smaller green mats inside the shirt...and then cut. Guess what? the mat is shorter than the sweatshirt! You guess it! I slit a nice big cut just below the neckline in the back! I just zigzaged over it in grey to match the jacket, till I can decide what I want to applique over it! Necessity is the mother of invention....;;;SIGH:::: pictures soon ..I promise!


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