He's home!

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. I THINK my new name is Buddy. Mom and my boy could NOT agree on any names but Buddy. Mom REALLY wanted Shortstop (Shorty for every day) but my boy wanted Youklis or Yastremski (sp?). All Mom could think of is my boy going off to college and leaving her home with a dog name she has to explain EVERY time someone new comes in the front door!

Here is what I know already:
~ Mom thinks I"m a scottish terrier mix. What the mix is , she says is a mystery!
My white feet have freckles and I have some brown fur just behind my ears...oh and
white chest....
and I have this...interesting long skinny tail!

~I am not sure what this thing is around my neck...but mom put something on it she called a 'tag'. I spent 20 minutes trying to run away rrom it or rub it off my neck! Its still there....:::SIGH::::

~I like my big brother Rally. He is giving me 'play lessons'. So far I have learned that if I run, he will chase me.

~Dad says I think I'm a lap dog. I just love to take a flying leap into Mom's lap. If she makes me get down, I just make myself comfortable on the couch instead! Dad says if the vet (what is a vet?) says I'm going to stay small, he might consider me a lap dog.

Mom said she will show you more pictures of me soon. She is trying to get me to stop scratching all the bathroom rugs! I just LOVE them! BYE!


Tanya said…
Welcom Buddy! How nice to make your acquaintance! And how nice that you have a lovely new home with great people family and a new brother. Now you behave!
Angie said…
Awwww, Buddy, you are just toooo adorable!!! (Dewey and Badger, your new 'friends', want me to tell you to 'go' for those bathroom rugs. ;) I'm so glad you're 'home' now!! Can't wait to hear more from you, precious! :)
Jen said…
Awwwwww, He's adorable!!!! Congrats on your new home!!
jillquilts said…
Congrats on the new addition to the family! He's very cute!
MOLLY said…
BUDDY! Your terrific!! Lap dogs that chew bathroom rugs are my idea of a perfect pet--you hang in there.
Chocolate Cat said…
Buddy you are SO cute!!

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