This little guy needs a NAME! I have two requests: I rarely use a people name (I might consider a famous person..) and my other two dogs were named baseball names; Rookie and Rally. I'm thinking I would like to stay with baseball..but maybe just a sports name...? He is a scottish terrier mix and they estimate that he is about a year old. Right now he is shy..but just wait till his new big brother shows him the ropes! Hide the cat!

I cannot take him home till tomorrow afternoon (shhh! he is going to be neutered in the dh said ow ow OW! lolol). Just what I need: housetraining a dog and starting Thanksgiving cooking all on the same day! Guess what else? My DISHWASHER crumped YESTERDAY! I have the worst luck...a couple of years ago my microwave died the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. SHEESH. Good thing its only my husband and two boys and me for dinner. My sweet husband took me out today to get a new one. It will be delivered tomorrow (see a big day for me tomorrow???) and he will install it for me.

1. pies and rolls to make
2 new dishwasher to have delivered in installed
3. bring home new dog.

WHEW! I'm already tired!


scraphappy said…
Oh dear, that is a lot of excitement for one day. I hope you'll have black Friday to recover from it all. Are you sticking with the letter R for the new dog? Raider is a sports name with and R.
Several years ago I awoke on Thanksgiving morning to water all over the kitchen floor because my refrigerator had died and then defrosted itself. So while I am in a corner of the kitchen stuffing a turkey, the guys are cleaning up the mess and swapping out the dead fridge for the garage fridge. It was *really* nice to have a spare.
Caroline in NH said…
Rider, Rebel, Shortie (Shortstop), Catcher, Diver, Jive, Java, Jinx.
Hope one of those works! He's adorable!
Catherine said…
He's adorable!! Homer, Southpaw, Fielder, Slider, Yogi.

What a great thanksgiving gift for him -- a new home -- and you!
QuiltingFitzy said…
I guess we're going to have rain tomorrow AND Thursday, what's up with that??

Stand Up Double
Slugger (my favorite)
Change Up

Have fun, he's a cutie!
Pat said…
What a winderful gift! a new home for a new puppy! I like the name Homer.
Jen said…
Too bad the stadium is no longer the "Bob". Slider is really cute. MVP?
MOLLY said…
Hey, sounds like a "Home Run" to me!!

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