Monday...1st day of school...and design wall too

so...up until this very day, when my kids went off to school...I did a happy dance. Today, I'm feeling a bit more...ambivalent. My youngest kiddo, walked out the door ( he did come back and give me a hug), marched across the street..and got a ride with the neighbor. His 1st day of high school. My neighbor was able to snap a picture of him...I will see if she will e-mail it to me...

I actually did alot of sewing this week, just not much to show ON the design wall

Here are 4 of the Christmas tree skirt sections sewn together. most of the colors are true..except that PINK. It is showing too...bubble gummy! It is closer to hot pink. There are 10 I still have a ways to go..but it will not take me too long.

THIS is what sidetracked me! I'm sorting strings, strips, little scraps and pieces that have already been pieced and are ready for more scraps...or SOMETHING. I think there is an orphan quilt..or maybe a kitchen sink quilt. I may need to keep my eye out for fabric with a kitchen sink it it! lolol

Does anyone have any suggestions for organizing ...non quilty supplies? I keep stacking up plastic boxes of ..well..STUFF! plastic name it! I am thinking I will start a small notebook..and when I find a home for whatever it is, I wil enter it in there. That way, I won't spin my wheels LOOKING for it!

Be sure to march over to Judy's and see what is being worked on! My fav part of Mondays!


Angie said…
ROFL if only Randy could see that I'm NOT the ONLY ONE!!!! ROFL If you figure out the storage trick would you please share it with me??? :) That tree skirt is going to be adorable!
Mary said…
Oh the picture says a thousand words. And I love that most of them say "it is ok ole.. you sewing rooms looks like Soccers.LOL"

let me know the trick when you figure it out.
I would be of no help... I have this thing about putting stuff away. When I put stuff away I almost always need it again. I'm also afraid that if I put stuff away, I'll forget where I put it.

My oldest child starts high school tomorrow. She's excited... and nervous.

I'm glad that they'll all be back in school by next week for a number of reasons, but life just goes back to crazy when they do.
Annie said…
I use plastic containers to store all sorts of things—including Velcro. Choose one brand of containers and buy a bunch that are all alike. Sort your stuff into the containers and then label each one. I use white removable mailing type labels. I tried the new Post-it ones (called Label Pads), which come in garish colors. They didn't stay stuck and the colors annoyed me, so I got rid of them.
Vicki said…
How did the first day of High School go? I am sure just fine. My youngest goes to 10th this year and the Daughter is in Grad school. I love your tree skirts they are way cool. I have all my fabric mashed in a tote and have only one. I hear lots of folks use Bonnie Hunter's organizing tips on I just take forever to find stuff.
Nina-Marie said…
I use plastic containers and shoe boxes for odds and ends. Then they get labeled and onto open shelving. For scraps - I put them in big zip lock bags by colors. That way when I need scraps of a certain color its much easier to find one. Also all the ziplocks fit easily into a bit tote bag for storage or classes.
scraphappy said…
Good luck with the organization. I've tried all sorts of different containers. I try to have like things together and as much as possible in same sized clear containers. I keep telling myself that my stuff would be easier to organize if there weren't so much of it, but I don't think I've been listening. Hope the first day of school went well. The stories get shorter and harder to get as they get older. I had to beg my little ones to take turns and talk one at a time.
QuiltSwissy said…
Dont ask me about orgnaiztion! LOL. My whole room looks like this.
Barb in Mi said…
No system in place here either; I just 'know' where to look. But I really like your x-mas tree skirt; looks intricate.

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