not much happening

I promise to post with picture when I have something to show! I MUCH prefer last week, when I felt like I could get it ALL done. This week has been more about spinning wheels and being MAJORLY frustrated. Maybe that will lead way for a breakthru on accomplishing what I want to get done.

Yesterday found me...crying in the afternoon. NO, I was NOT watching soap operas! I quit those 20 yrs ago! I have been FUZTING ( I think that is a word either my mom or I made up..I have never heard anyone ELSE use it!..means fiddling...or puttering) with the channel lock on my Gammill. (for you non-long armers, you can either use the vertical or horizontal channel lock. If you hit the appropriate button, you either get a nice straight vertical or horizontal stitch.) It is a big magnet. Mine would only engage on ONE TINY edge (so I could still SCRAPE along the nice line...) and then when it REALLY would not let GO unless I trotted around to the other side of the frame and PULLED it up. This has not really worked since I got the frame about a yr ago. It was not a problem THEN..but the more I quilt, the more I really WOULD like that feature! I like piano key borders..and this makes them nice, neat and extremely easy to quilt right along. ...AFTER I shed tears...I read a post from a quilter who suggested the SPRING screws (NO ONE ever said ANYTHING about those..this WHOLE YEAR). I unscrewed them all the way...and tightened a bit at a time....VOILA! It works...from BOTH side of the frame! Who knew!?

I was also very upset about my new laptop. Its a nice laptop...but I cannot get online with it. My wireless router has a security code on it...I dont' KNOW it and I can't FIND it. All the advise says to log on to it..but my home computer does not USE it does not SEE it, so I cannot log ON to it. (are you getting the drift of this thread?...::::SIGH::::) Today I'm quilting...and maybe..just maybe, if I feel the need to be frustrated,I will try again to locate that security key!

Thanks for stopping (oh, and if you EVER tell ANY man that I figured out my channel lock AFTER I cried...I will...DISOWN you! ROTLF


fancystitching said…
Glad you got the channel lock going. I had never heard of the purpose of the spring screw either until yesterday, and I've had my machine for 6 years!!

On the laptop... might be necessary to re-do the install of the router, from the beginning (that means on your regular PC first). I'm no techical person, but it make sense that if you reinstall the router you will have to set up a new security code and would then have it. You probably can find help with this in the info that came with your router. Just a thought, and I hope it helps.

We recently bought a new router... required a 26 character security code. That was OK until I started installing my new wireless printer. Try getting a 26 character code into a printer using the key pad they give you... UUUGGGGHHHHH!

OOPS! Long-winded, as usual. I guess I better get back to quilting! Hope today is better for you.

Chocolate Cat said…
All anyone needs to know is that you fixed it and it is now doing what it should of been doing all along, your secret tears are safe with me!!! The laptop - sorry - no idea!!!
Michele said…
We do lots of futzing around at our house :) Somethings the most amazing things emerge from that activity.
Anonymous said…
About the router. You can call the help line on the box and they will tell you the origional code. My daughter had the same problem. That is what she did and it fixed the problem.
Mary said…
Do you have the Gammill Manual? I've had to adjust my channel locks and I think I read how to do it in the manual.
Bethany said…
Sigh. I hate routers. I don't know the brand you use, but there are a couple of options.

When your router asks for the password try entering your username as admin
and then under password type password

Call the 1-800-call-India on your box.

There is a generic IP address that each brand router uses. Look it up online and see if it exsists. Then use the above password of admin and password

I think you can reinstall your router with the disc and do it on your PC and then connect your laptop via the router. You might have to unistall and reinstall the router and then set up the passwords. Not sure on that one.

Next time, LOL. Write down your password and keep it in a place you'll be able to find it. I have a zippered CD case that I keep all my computer discs in and the information I need.

Hope some of that helps.
Perry said…
The wireless router code you are looking for probably has a WEP number. It will be on the back of your router and this is your security code. hope this helps!

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