OK OK..I know its Monday...

No design wall to show again this week. BUT...I have been busy on the long arm. See how may footballs I have quilted!? (OK Lori, NO BLABBING...I'm on the home stretch..and if I think Nick knows...it will slow me down! Odd..I know..but true!)
Each block has a large football in the middle..and 8 small ones around the edges..

AND the setting triangles each have a big football. I think I could quilt these in my SLEEP! I'm not EVEN gonna do the math...::shudder::::

as a background fill for the USC letters, I did a crosshatched grid and filled in every other one with a back and forth squiggle (such TECHNICAL terms! heheheheh).

My last bit is a inner tone on tone border. I had PLANNED to put football words..but my sweet...usually uninterested husband got this GLINT in his eye...(not THAT kind!). He suggested BIGGER words...National Champions...Heisman Trophy...HARD words! Words I have to PLAN where they go...:::Sniff:::: OK, so I didnt' spent too much time spinning my mental wheels...I just made a list..and off I went. I melded HIS ideas...and picked 6: One for the top and bottom each, and 2 for each side. Any room left over means I do a football word (tackle, punt, kick, etc) and a football(GASP) inbetween. Top and bottom done last night..today I have to turn the quilt and do those last two sides and call it GOOD! I hope by this time tomorrow to be trimming and applying binding....a girl can HOPE can't she?

I spun my wheels this morning ...I started swimming at LA Fitness last week. I have had the membership since FEBRUARY...ok, don't go there! I dropped the Sports Kid at school..half way to swim: forgot my member pass I have to have scanned...head home. Get the pass...drive to LA Fitness, get out of the car : NO TOWELS. Now I know , I probably can get one to use INSIDE..but..nothing to sit on (DH car has leather seats...don't like to get chlorine on them) BACK in the car...get the towels..BACK to LA Fitness. And so starts week TWO. I do get credit for being stubborn and not quitting. I started wtih 6 laps (two lengths of the pool) and am up to 10 with one length of free style (gasping the 2nd length of the lap on my back!). I am looking for a widget to add to the sidebar to track my distance. At this point, I'm only interested in how FAR I can swim..not how FAST I can get there. That said, I did those laps in about 20 mins or so. I'm pretty happy with that my 2nd week!

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Kat said…
Hey, any given one of those excuses would've kept me out of the pool...kudos to you for not letting any of them stop you!

And high five for being an AF brat and military supporter! (AF brat, future USMC wife speaking!)
vivian said…
The footballs are a neat idea!
Beth said…
Vivian, I could not find a reply e-mail for you, so I will reply here. I got the football from an Anne Bright book. It was in a cluster of sports equipment. I just pulled it out and filled in to make it a complete football. I tried to follow the design with my laser, but ended up tracing the ball and doing the laces freehand. I got wobbly footballs when I tried to trace them. (who wants a wobbly football!) Thanks for visiting...Beth
Diane said…
very cool quilting love the footballs and the technical "squiggle" x-hatch fill!
Hey Beth, I did football stuff on a quilt this week too.

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