aahh! a bit of calm

well, WHen I got the latest quilt loaded, I had to do a bit of housekeeping in the long arm room. Usually if I am not actively quilting, things just...well..magically appear on the long arm and in the room nearby. My poor daughter had to sleep on an airmattress on the floor next to the long arm when she was home for Christmas. I was not able to even get in the door! I can now!

You can see the FLOOR! (I'm surprised that there is not a dog hanging out there! One or the other usually follows me in only to be shooed out as I quilt.)

AND you can see the pantos! There are even some pockets of calm in OTHER rooms! Don't be shocked...it happens sometimes. Please note todays date...hehehehehehehehe!

I found the yellow organizer at one of the big box home improvement store. I love having all my gadgets available and still easily moved when I change pantos. It was pretty inexpensive if I remember...around $5?

Do you know any beginner quilters who would like some online patterns with instructions? I'm thinking of doing a series starting with Roman stripe and then maybe rail fence or warm wishes. starting easy and moving up in difficulty. Please reply if you do. Thanks!


Angie said…
Well, YEEEESSSS, I'm a beginner (even after all of these years :D) so I qualify to answer 'yes', right? :) Bring on the instructions!

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