finally back at the frame

With all my busyness of the holidays added to some sad losses have kind of sapped my energy and desire to do any machine quilting. However, I need to get the quilt loaded on my frame off, as I have 2 customer quilts in the queue as well as my son's quilt. His just needs 3 free motion borders. Despite my repeated measurings, I ran out of backing just a couple inches from the edge.
S I G H! Ah well, it is easily repaired. Thank GOODNESS for zipper leaders! I just zipped it off..and zipped on my second set and I'm off. It feels good to be back with a purpose and as always, thankful for the solace of my quilting and piecing. Here are a few pictures:

I am using a pantograph by Michelle Wyman called Simply Seashells. I got it at

You saw these blocks, but not the top.

Here is the border with the panto quilted on it:

Can you see the seashells? I wanted them to be more of a textural design rather than to stand out, so I matched thread. Not exactly, but just a couple shades lighter. I will show you the panto for the body of the quilt and a full picture of the quilt when its done.


Angie said…
I love the shell quilt patterns, Beth! One of these days, I'm going to actually complete a quilt top and send it to you to quilt for me---and ask for seashells. :D So good to 'see' you.

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