Monday, December 31, 2012

Wish List for January

What do I want to get done in January? I told my few customers I was quilting for myself, but I have a bit of catch up to do 1st:
          -Finish Kathy's quilt: quilting
          -quilt Katy's throw: quilting and fringing (its fleece)
          -Erin's beer quilt : piece last 2 rows, add border, quilt and bind

THEN my January list starts!
           -quilt 4 Quilts of Valor:only one is mine so that one will need to be bound
           -border Pat's quilt and load it on the frame.

If I can get that far in January, I will be happy. I better put on my track shoes and set the timer!

Happy New Year to my blog friends!

Friday, December 28, 2012


I love to have my hair cut! I keep it suits me. I just dont' like the day AFTER a cut!
I  felt like Spanky from Our Gang days! QUICK! get the curling iron!....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What was he thinking?

Well, LAST Christmas, Sports Guy got a small
cookie making pan. If you have ever eaten at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery, they have a pizookie (think Pizza + cookie) ...they are GOOD..they are big! Sports Guy cannot leave until he has one. SOMETIMES he does not even share!. He decided tonight he wanted to make the cookie. He had many questions : Where is the vanilla? (can you tell he is a new baker?? lol) and What bowl do I use to mix? (um...a MIXING bowl? hehehehe) The size of the cookie was good. The taste was ok...the texture...more like cake.
add ice cream
then whipped  cream

and last but not least:
Chocolate syrup!
 I'm sorry to tell you , I think this was his DINNER! Hey! He ate all the left over tamales
that were in there..and I was BUSY today quilting with a friend. A girl has to have priorities, doesnt she? I promise I will cook for the kid tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Guess what I got for Christmas!?

                                                            News of a WEDDING!
                   Connor popped the question this morning : She said YES! We are so blessed!             
             The question on everyones mind? WHAT will he do for a gift NEXT Christmas??!@!
                                             Plans for a fall wedding are being discussed...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new day dawning!

Well, its been a long time coming. A shift in my life and my days. This morning, our newest driver, got himself up (more on that later!) and drove himself to school. Did you hear the angels singing? I think I did! lolol He has never gone to the closest school. He went to a church preschool, a different church for 1st -4th, then a charter school and now a school outside our district for high school. There were various reasons. Each school was picked for a different reason, but all had no bus service. So Mom's Taxi was in full swing. My husband would do some delivery if I asked, but for the most part it was all me. I DID get up this morning, more out of force of habit than anything. He does not need anything in the morning. I used to offer breakfast, but after many years of seeing a non-morning person roll his eyes, I quit asking. My only concern of the morning was seeing him drive the dark...with no lights on his car! As you would expect, I tried to tell him...but alas, he was off without looking back. He is growing up! As he should...

When he asked us last night if he could drive today (half day...finals...good thought), he asked his dad
for the keys "so I dont' have to wake you up in the morning.." Wake up his DAD? Who could sleep thru a hurricane? And if he woke up, would be back to sleep in about 10 seconds? What about waking MOM up? Who got up with you every day for 17 a crabby non-morning person? You will be happy to know, I got a good laugh out of that!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guess who's coming for Christmas?


He and his Mom arrive on Friday. I have not broken the news to his cousins yet. Chewy does not even know he is flying. He has gotten his shots, been groomed and chipped, so I think he knows SOMETHING is up! He will be staying on at Mimi's Doggy Day Care while his mom jets off to parts far away. I feel like I"m taking something precious from her...but she claims she is glad to know he is loved and happy. His cousins LOVE having another playmate...Pray for me! FOUR MALE DOGS!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Does anything in your life make you feel invisible? A few in my son walking in the room (we have a country kitchen: kitchen, table and family room all rolled into one) while I'm cooking and turning the channel on the TV. HELLO?! SOMEONE IN IS IN HERE! Sheesh! Well, here is the latest installment. Someone hacked our credit card. They charged $100 on Itunes. Now I like Itunes, but I don't order that much at a whack. Wish they could track the person down...I would GIVE them a whack! SO, the dear credit card company, who caught the anomoly, said they would cancel the old cards and send out new ones. Two days later we get a it up....ONE CARD. DH's card. That sweet man was FUMING. He had specifically TOLD them 'We have a joint acct. SEND TWO CARDS'.  This has happened to me before... Last time we got new checks, DH took the deposit slip to the bank and asked them to order new checks. A week later, we get a check box. Open it up : ONLY HAS ONE NAME. The kicker there is that DH RARELY writes a check. I write one only when the merchant does not take credit cards or I don't have enough cash. Like the landscaper and the bug man. The thought crossed my you think my DH is trying to tell me something??