getting organized for class

While I have been FRAMELESS, I had a few projects. One is to finish up a baby quilt (the cute bear one? that has the plush back?) I had to quilt the sides on my DSM because the back was JUST wide enough for the front...if I S T R E T C H E D it. That meant no room for the side tensioning clamps! The quilting is done, but now I cannot find the binding I made for it. I am looking as I organize in there. Slow going...'enuf said!

Here is something I DID get done: Its a bucket caddy. It fits over a 2 gallon bucket I purchased at Home Depot. Pockets on the inside, two layers of pockets on the outside. You can see the pattern sticking out. I used a painters tarp for the body. It looks kind of like cotton duck, but the inside has a plastic-y coating (such a techincal term...plastic-EE...I'm polished and refined) on the other side. The bottom pocket is clear vinyl. Stocking is going well..but will be ongoing at least for a bit. Some things I already had doubles of...some I have had to purchase.     Oh, and guess what I found at Harbor Freight for less than $10? A bucket caddy. I bet it didn't have orange binding tho...:-D

I DID get good news today! My frame/machine has made it to the dealers. They had a HUGE order and the company had to hire more people! They are coming to AZ this weekend for the AZ Quilt Guild show. While they are here, someone at home is assembling them and testing out the machine heads. After the show, the deliveries begin. As anxious as I am  to have it IN my house, we will be in California then. Sports Guy's soccer team will be participating in Far West Regional League in beautiful downtown Lancaster California (read north and a bit west on LA on the way to Bakersfield..and in the middle of nowhere..). I might just have to schlep a Featherweight to keep me company. The men might play golf and I will come home to my new frame! YIPPEEE!


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