and I was doing SO well!

remember THIS? You could even see the carpet. UH OH..look at it NOW!

Well, i DO have a good excuse! Really! Its good!
Lucy was on the market for 3 weeks..and she has left the building! (she had to
come in the window..and she left thru the window!) It had to do with how long
her poles were and they would not fit around the corner. SO, out the window they went!
She sold on Thursday the 21st and they told me that it would be a week or two until they could pick her up. That worked because I was actively quilting a quilt! Friday, I got an email, could they come pick her up on MONDAY!? ACK! I was on my feet all weekend and was still putting in the last stitches as they came in the door.  My sweet husband asked me today if I was going to go into quilting withdrawl. Nope! I was more worried I would have TWO 12 foot long arms to stuff in my house! I would rather have a GAP!


Looks kinda lonely doesn't it? Sports Guy was trying to get my goat and announced it was his new MAN CAVE. I think NOT, young man!
I am happily organizing both rooms and hope to have a plan in place before the Innova arrives.

I dont' have a delivery date as of yet, but looks like near March 20th.
I will be READY! 


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