DON'T look in my sewing room!

What do you MEAN Being Creative is NOT ENOUGH? You Expect Me to be NEAT TOO!??  :cD
Do you think Bonnie has been peeking in my sewing room?? Its a WRECK!
I thought I would make SO much headway on New Years Day...
Lol Funny thing about families...they think they need to eat
And even if they slept and  you stayed up with a nervous dog
who hates fireworks

View from my sewing table.
Do you think he knows there is VERY little room down there?
Like a WHOLE box of unwashed fabric?

and NO, you are NOT allowed on the
furniture! See how his ears are down? I call those
'Yoda' ears. He knows he is doing something he is not supposed to do.
He wont' look at me either! He was SO abused when we got him.
They told us he was a year old and he just celebrated his
12th year with us...
Happy 13th Birthday Rookie!
(now how come after ALL these years,  you still look at me
like you KNOW I am going to beat you?!
I have not hit you in 12 yrs...but no matter.
I am still paying the price for whomever hurt you in that 1st yr.

OH! came over to see my Design Wall
and you got to see the birthday boy!
Here is the design wall...I just slapped them up there,
so I could get credit for making them. They are not going to stay.
I dont' have enough to do a whole quilt yet.
Many MANY projects to do before these lovelies will
be ready for the flimsy stage.

 The package is a free Moda pattern.
I am not sure when it came out because I cannot find it on the Moda Bake Shop blog
or anyplace else under Moda's name.
I found it at Red Rooster Quilts.
Click on 'store' then 'free patterns'
(PS Kindly ignore the $1 posted charge. That  is only if you
want THEM to print it out and mail it to you)
this quilt is called
All Wrapped Up.
Its about halfway down the 1st page.
Be warned! I sent my friend, Julie NoBlog over there to see it..
she was lost in the maze of free patterns for HOURS!~\
(the bow is an upside down flying goose)

These 3 blocks are pieced..but all are missing the letter that goes with the block.
Top row : A for Army star block
F for Flying geese
(I bet you GOT that one! I did too!)
and G for Grandmothers Choice.
They are Jan's blocks for The Quilt Show's
2014 BOM
I may be traveling later in the month, so I
decided to do these so I feel ahead.
(even tho I have not appliqued the letters yet)
I may or may not complete these in Jan.
I am still working on Celtic Solstice over at
My sturdy, never gives me a SPECK of trouble
Bernina 150 started giving me...well...
Poor thing had not been serviced in a HECK of a long time, so
she is getting a spa treatment.
I am only working on units that I sew on the line.
I cannot change machines midstream.
Thanks for visiting!


Denise :) said…
I love the gift block especially -- I never thought about it until seeing yours, how the flying geese blocks make perfect bows!! Your Rookie has a sweet face ... and I do love his "Yoda" ears!! I think I'm going to brave it and give the Red Rooster link a try . . . I won't say you didn't warn me!! :)

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