Messy sewing room

I know my ROOM is not better, but I have made a decision! (I cannot TELL you how long it takes me sometimes to 'figure' things how to organize a stash :::pending!:::, where to store something I want to keep- and want to remember WHERE it is) Well..that ever growing pile of batting scraps? I am bagging it up to use a packing material. We are just about ready to do a flooring update in our living room/dining room/main hallway/laundry room (ACK!)/and bedroom hallway. Its a combo a 22 yr old carpet, shifting (just a tiny bit, but enough to crack tiles!) foundation, and ...well...a dog that had kidney problems. We don't speak unkindly of him as he has left us for the Rainbow Bridge, but he DID bless that big room. SIGH Anyway...I have been having a bit of a DISCUSSION with myself about this batting. Then last night right before I dropped off to sleep...I GOT It...I am going to use that batting to pack all the dishes and glassware before we empty that room. Starting today....I am going to go get some boxes and do a couple a day. Hoping I can purge some things as I go. EmPHAsis on the HOPING!


Here is what I just gleaned in about 5 mins from the sewing room...
That does not count what is LURKING in the Jane's room..
can you see it peeking out in the middle?
and off to the right?
Its VERY sneaky!
When I am finished with them I will piece them into lap/baby quilt sizes, cut for the
clothesline bags (you can use strips of batting in place of the clothesline),
and make these reuseable swiffer covers. The more you use these, the better they get!
(Unfortunately for me, this swiffer handle broke, so I cannot get it into
the slots on the swiffer...its just for pictures!)


Denise :) said…
Clever use, there!! After trimming down the MOC blocks, I'm looking at the perfect size scraps of batting for my own diy swiffer duster!! :)

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