drat Drat DRAT!

I worked hard on my house today. I did a couple loads of laundry, folded, put away.
Dusted/vacuumed/cleaned off
bedside tables in our bedroom.
I even planned dinner ahead of time so we could eat before
Sports Guys soccer game.
This looks like a harmless
household oven..but NO!
Lurking inside is....

An EXPLODED potato!
can you see it way in the back on the top left?
Darn little potato!
I even poked it with a fork NUMEROUS times.
Guess tomorrow holds
a class in how to clean out a potato
that has exploded.
Bet it will be dried on and STUCK
because I am NOT cleaning it
the end 


fancystitching said…
Now that is a BIG bummer! Do you have any FlyLady purple rags? These things are wonderful for cleaning messes! I'm sure you are done with it by now and don't need my advice. Lol! I can only laugh because it is not MYYYYY mess! Bless you!

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