on the hunt and quilting

I am on the hunt for something missing. I will not fess up to what it is until its found or replaced. Just learn from my house! I found part of what was missing on the floor in front of the washer, so naturally, I checked around the laundry room. NOPE ..nada ...ZILCH. I moved the dryer and then the washer. nope, nada , zilch...BUT I DID find:

9 socks, a pillowcase, a 'AHEM'  bra (that does not FIT anymore!), a cleaning cloth, dental floss, a used Color Catcher, 40 cents in change, a bag of travel laundry supplies and a paint brush!

and don't forget to look elsewhere! I found this 
sock HANGING on the water line!
I love those doggy socks!
(that makes TEN socks!)
but alas, my lost item is still lost...

Baby quilt off the frame, 
ready to be bound

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