Tuesday, May 22, 2007

silly Rags!

Look at this silly cat! She used to climb on the tub edge between the shower curtain and the liner. I would scratch the curtain and she would POUNCE on my hand. It was our game. I have never seen her lounge in the tub like this! She even stayed and posed for me after I went to get the camera. Silly old lady! She just ADORES my older son's girlfriend. As soon as she enters the house, Rags appears out of nowhere from whereever she has been lounging. I wish she would not antagonize the terrier tho. I used to think it was the terrier riling HER up..but it is the other way around! Poor dog got in trouble for standing up for himself. I thought about naming her Groucho in honor of her 'mustache', but it was too macho. So Ragamuffin is it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I love this fabric!

Does anyone else find a fabric you love..and then buy it in every color you can find it in? I didn't realize I did this until they 1st came out with all the swirl fabrics. One in particular I used in at least one color in every quilt for a couple years. I still have some scraps in my stash. Here is my latest facinating fabric:

I found the gold one 1st. It brings back memories of the folding measuring stick in my Dad's garage! you can even see the pivot points... I found the blue and red ones at a different quilt shop. I circled this fabric for about 2 weeks before it followed me home! I'm using it for the lining of my tote bag, so I had to show it to you before I cut it all up. You can be SURE I will save all the scraps I can!

Welcome Digger!

This is Digger. He joined my parents on Friday as a permanent fixture. Isn't he wonderful! ( I was going to say SWEET..but he IS a gentleman you know) I helped my dad find a Scottie rescue near them online. They had some traveling to do ..and when they were done, they kept watch till they found a new furry friend. Angel the chihuahua was visiting for a couple weeks and goes home tomorrow. Digger will be the king of the castle! hot DIGGETY dog!

Friday, May 18, 2007


This is a foreshadowing of my summer 'job'. He does not know it yet, but there WILL be chores this summer...any suggestions on what to CALL them? Chores sounds so...like drudgery! Projects? WORK? lolol

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warm Wishes

I have been woefully lazy on quilting/sewing projects. I cannot tell you what I have been doing..but NOT THAT! I worked on this quilt last week and am not 100% convinced of this border. Looking at the pictures...I see a mistake! HA! Better now that later for sure. Any ideas,suggestions, hints for this border. I actually like the top better with the borders. I was disappointed that the gold in the stripe block and the background of solid blocks made the solid kind of ...disappear. The border helps. What do you think I should bind in? I will have plenty of the black border, but am leaning towards red. You cannot see from the picture, but the black background has silhouettes of firefighters in their gear. It is a nice texture. Any and all suggestions cheerfully requested!

I'm also cutting out a tote bag. I found the pattern at the sewing class I help teach. If I had REALLY read the instructions BEFORE I fell in love with it, I would have saved my hands ALOT of cutting! Literally each piece gets a main fabric, contrast and a fusible interfacing...some also get timtex! I'm cutting as many pieces each day as I have time (read: sanity) for. I had also misplaced my good sewing shears. I KNOW they are in this house...I just didn't' want to stop to look for them. I picked up a cheap (but very good) pair of scissors at Big Lots (I just LOVE scissors..and added a pair to my sewing students pile of notions) just so I could continue on. This way the tote keeps going FORWARD..not getting added to the pile of "stuff to be cut out and started someday" pile.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day post

Happy Mother's day to all those moms out there. I also have a Happy Mother's day to those special women, who despite not being mothers in the true sense of the word, mother those around them..you all know one. She is an aunt, sister, or even a neighbor. Sometimes they are caregivers...sometimes moms to fur babies...or a special friend...favorite aunt. If you are lucky, you have been loved by one. You will feel like the most special person in the world. Happy Mothers day to you special ladies too.

Now I know this looks like...well...WORK. There is a young man...who took off his soccer cleats and walked around with out them. Here is a picture of his handi..I mean FOOT work. You might think this got him in trouble. Actually, he got a hug. Despite our fireworks most school mornings, he still needs his mom!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I did GOOD!

I have never been very good at creative gift giving. I'm the original gift card giver! When my daughter decided to name her car "The Red Baron", my mind started thinking... THEN when she posted that all she needed was a leather skull cap, goggles, and a white scarf, my husband had to come check on me as I was whooping and hollering! (the skull cap and goggles were waiting for her already at her grandparents house..to be delivered the next day!) I was so proud of myself! The next weekend she flew in locally on a cross country. I was upset not to see her land ( she TOLD me 3:30..then called at 3:05 to say MOM we LANDED! GRRRR) We were able to go out on the ramp so she could show us her plane. Here are a few pics:

I ended up making the scarf...I hope they are well loved. I'm sure they will come in handy at Halloween!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

sahuaro cactus

There is a big controversy right now about what to put on the Arizona quarter. A couple of the ideas have sahuaro cacti on them. You all know them as the cacti with 'arms'. It is pronounced 'sa WAR oh'. They are just starting to bloom, so I stopped on my way home from school this morning to snap a few pictures.

Here is a close up of a couple of the blooms. You can see the rest of the unopened buds near by. One I saw was not much taller than I am.....it had no arms...was just COVERED in buds. I have been watching to see if they all bloom at the same time.

Sahuaros are pretty amazing. These have all be transplanted here legally. It is a crime to move them with out a permit. They have to have a 'nurse' tree to cover them when they are very young. They only sprout arms after about 100 yrs. If you ever get the chance to visit Tucson, there is a wonderful place nearby called Sahuaro National Monument. There are SO many sahuaros there , it looks like a forest!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy May!

I don t'know what I have been up to..but not blogging! Here are a couple of pictures of one of my 'take along' projects. I won't tell you just how long I have been dragging this around...but it is only one side. I have completed the back~ and THATS IT! Good thing our cold season is quick....oh , wait..that is JUST why I don't end up knitting much. I guess you could say "well then WHY do you QUILT?" um.....er...I LOVE quilting...and I just LIKE knitting????

Here is a close up of the detail. Just a bit on the bottom. The rest of the sweater is the seed stitch.

The yarn is just a WalMart buy....I fell in love with the oatmeal..and the colors. Sorry I'm in a hurry ..more later!