Mother's Day post

Happy Mother's day to all those moms out there. I also have a Happy Mother's day to those special women, who despite not being mothers in the true sense of the word, mother those around all know one. She is an aunt, sister, or even a neighbor. Sometimes they are caregivers...sometimes moms to fur babies...or a special friend...favorite aunt. If you are lucky, you have been loved by one. You will feel like the most special person in the world. Happy Mothers day to you special ladies too.

Now I know this looks like...well...WORK. There is a young man...who took off his soccer cleats and walked around with out them. Here is a picture of his handi..I mean FOOT work. You might think this got him in trouble. Actually, he got a hug. Despite our fireworks most school mornings, he still needs his mom!


Don't they all!Tracey
Angie said…
Oh. My. Goodness, Beth LOL, that does NOT look like fun...definitely looks like a 'labor of love' to me ROFL! BTW, would you believe that I STILL have not gotten any mail from you??? I hope whoever has gotten that recipe has been making it and enjoying it!!! *s*

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