I love this fabric!

Does anyone else find a fabric you love..and then buy it in every color you can find it in? I didn't realize I did this until they 1st came out with all the swirl fabrics. One in particular I used in at least one color in every quilt for a couple years. I still have some scraps in my stash. Here is my latest facinating fabric:

I found the gold one 1st. It brings back memories of the folding measuring stick in my Dad's garage! you can even see the pivot points... I found the blue and red ones at a different quilt shop. I circled this fabric for about 2 weeks before it followed me home! I'm using it for the lining of my tote bag, so I had to show it to you before I cut it all up. You can be SURE I will save all the scraps I can!


QuiltingFitzy said…
Where'd you find it? I want some!!! lol

My father was in "sales" for kitchen cabinets. He always had a white foldy-uppy one with him.
Hedgehog said…
Love it! Who makes it?
Patti said…
Neat fabric! Oh yes, when I find a print I love I buy it in every colorway. I've done it many, many times. And now that I've become such a sucker for fat quarter collections I have lots and lots and lots of printed "fraternal twins". Hmmm . . . not sure that makes sense. Can you imagine what I mean?
Rose Marie said…
Gosh, what great fabric! If you're in a pinch in a store and need to measure something, you can use the lining of your bag.
That's great,- over here there would be metric one side, inches the other!
Will be a useful bag in more weays than one, Tracey

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