This is a foreshadowing of my summer 'job'. He does not know it yet, but there WILL be chores this summer...any suggestions on what to CALL them? Chores sounds drudgery! Projects? WORK? lolol


QuiltingFitzy said…
"Life's lessons"? Like that would work, lol.

For variety, I wrote gobs of jobs on slips of folded paper and put them into a mason jar. I'd take one, each of my girls would take one. It made them feel like we're all working together. They can be "vacuum your bedroom" or "fold one load of laundry" or "FREE DAY" woo-hoo!
Angie said…
Oh Lord, Beth, those hazy, lazy days of Summer are upon us already, aren't they? ...and that cartoon is hilarious and soooo true for all of you with kids still at home. LOL Now having said that about Summer being upon was 37!!! degs here this a.m. !! BTW, can't wait to see the tote bag you're working on! Have a lovely weekend!

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