Happy May!

I don t'know what I have been up to..but not blogging! Here are a couple of pictures of one of my 'take along' projects. I won't tell you just how long I have been dragging this around...but it is only one side. I have completed the back~ and THATS IT! Good thing our cold season is quick....oh , wait..that is JUST why I don't end up knitting much. I guess you could say "well then WHY do you QUILT?" um.....er...I LOVE quilting...and I just LIKE knitting????

Here is a close up of the detail. Just a bit on the bottom. The rest of the sweater is the seed stitch.

The yarn is just a WalMart buy....I fell in love with the oatmeal..and the colors. Sorry I'm in a hurry ..more later!


Shelina said…
That's a nice pattern and a nice yarn. Be sure to let us see it when it is completed!

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