I did GOOD!

I have never been very good at creative gift giving. I'm the original gift card giver! When my daughter decided to name her car "The Red Baron", my mind started thinking... THEN when she posted that all she needed was a leather skull cap, goggles, and a white scarf, my husband had to come check on me as I was whooping and hollering! (the skull cap and goggles were waiting for her already at her grandparents house..to be delivered the next day!) I was so proud of myself! The next weekend she flew in locally on a cross country. I was upset not to see her land ( she TOLD me 3:30..then called at 3:05 to say MOM we LANDED! GRRRR) We were able to go out on the ramp so she could show us her plane. Here are a few pics:

I ended up making the scarf...I hope they are well loved. I'm sure they will come in handy at Halloween!


Angie said…
Wow, Beth, do you just stand back and look at her in AWE??? Love the goggles and scarf. :)
She looks every bit the part and you did so well with the presents. Love those cactus. Tracey
Beth said…
You done good! Looks awesome, I'll bet she has posted this on her blog.

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