Look what I got in the mail!?

Clue #1: its from LONDON! (oh BOY! International mail!)

Clue 2: its small and from Moo.com...
(did you see the hint on the next clue ???)

They are Mini Moo cards! Aren't they cute? On the back I have my name, town, blog addy and e-mail addy. I like to be able to give out my e-mail with out having to whip out pen and paper. Just in time to visit Road to California this weekend! You upload your own pictures or use their stock ones. I used my quilty pictures. Most of these you have seen on my blog already. TOO COOL!
Thanks Nancy for the idea!


chic[k]pilot said…
I like the cards! I'm gonna attempt to start blogging again... Hopefully I find the time.
Beth said…
that is cool!

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