no this is not quilty!

its DOGGY!

I want you to know, this is a MINOR offense! This scene repeats itself DAILY. I think all the 'stuffies' in the house are FLAT. Anyone have any brands that are puppy teeth proof!? He even nibbles the fuzz off tennis balls...and had devoured one was in pieces, he didn't EAT it! I tried one of those hard bones (nylabones I think they are called), but that does not go over too well. I'm not sure I want to give him a rawhide...And the Terrier of Undetermined Lineage will take it away from him anyway! That TUL! When I was still leashing the pup, he would take the toys I had put for the pup to play with JUST outside his reach! And when I come upon a fluffy sea in the living room, there is much INNOCENCE displayed! 'Who ME??? NO, it was not ME! Aren't I just the CUTEST thing you ever brought home??? Huh , huh , huh?" :::SIGH::::: And when he turns on the "RCA dog' head tilt...well, I'm just SUNK!


Can you get those hard rubber "kong" type toys over there...they would bwe perfect.
Love the t shirt...and yes, all my stuff seems to have marls as well...can't be clean and busy as well!
Loved the name generator..i am going to blog mine!
Chocolate Cat said…
Sorry but I don't think there is anything much puppy proof!!! although the 'kong' toy Tracey suggested is lasting so far in our house. Jimmy not only destructs things but he does actually eat and swallow them too!!
Fran said…
Regarding your doggy that destroys all his toys - we've had good luck with the ones that look like a piece of fire hose. I figure our dogs must hold a conference to decide what will get gutted and what will stay intact. And, of course, both of them participate in the destruction.

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