uh oh!

THIS does not bode well for my New Year! Do you know what this is? Its a pepperoni hanging from the broiler element in the oven. The top rack was left up on the top setting after the holiday meal. My son put the pizza stone in and set the oven temp for me. When I went to get the pizza out with the big wooden peel, I caught it on the element. While I was looking at the pepperoni...I did:

THIS! I really DO think, Murphy lives at my house. I cleaned it all up...the boys kept the dogs at bay while I mopped up the remains. :::SIGH::: They have now eaten the CHEESE pizza that was left in the freezer. (the BOYS ate pizza..the dogs just longingly licked the mopped floor!) Maybe I should go back to bed and start over!? I think I will go back to the studio...take out is in order for dinner, dont'cha think?


Colleen said…
It was that kind of day at our house, too. We ended up doing breakfast for dinner because looking up the phone number was too much work. I'm sure the year will improve.
scraphappy said…
O think "someone" really wants you to do take out tonight. You can't fight fate.

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