Road to California

What a WHIRLWIND! I think I should be much more tired than I am..but I had a BLAST! Saturday morning I was on the road at 6:30, bound for the airport. I flew from Phoenix to Ontario CA. My friend Linda and her daughter picked me up and we drove across the freeway to the convention center. Our friend Julie No Blog, met us at the door and we were OFF! I had a few things I wanted to make sure I didn't miss, so I headed off to see if I could find my friend, AnofAvonle. We have been online friends for a long time, chatting in the same chat room on AOL. I found her booth..WAAAY in the back. She had just gone on break...::SIGH::: OK, I will come back. We shopped and looked at quilts all morning. Lunchtime and I'm STARVING! Look what Julie made us?!

A picnic lunch under the trees! It was cool...quiet...YUMMY! I must have been VERY hungry! I ate a TON and was never stuffed! I also was not starved for dinner MANY hours later...

She even brought me the 'special' plate because I came from AZ just for the show. I'm SO pampered! What a change from home! HA!

Back to see if I could find my friend...NOW she is at lunch! More shopping...more checking out the quilts. I usually cannot shop with other people. If I'm on my own at a show, I start at one end and methodically go up and down each row. I make note of where I stopped at lunch or a break so I can start back up where I left off. I didn't do that this time. I saw most everything, but I was not stressed about hitting EVERYTHING. Third time to see my friend:

She was THERE!

Third times the charm! I wish we lived closer, we had a great time chatting.

By the time we left the show, it was DARK out! I was glad I had packed LIGHTLY! Plenty of room for all my goodies:

A BlockParty panel. Won't this be cute for a class room wallhanging? I know JUST the teacher I want to do this one for!

I usually get a new t-shirt from blockparty as well. I'm happy this one is not WHITE! Food seems naturally attracted to any white shirt I wear. ESPECIALLY the quilty ones...:::SIGH:::::

And the bulk of my loot...a Layer Cake and some 5 inch block packs. The pattern for this was sold out. I should get mine in the mail this week. Thread from Superior threads. I got a Masterpiece spool to try when my Aurifil runs out. The rest is King Tut. A Bali a jelly roll, but all Bali batiks. THis one is called Kiwiberry...purples, blues and lime green-YUM! A new panto-another feathery one, a centering measuring tape for the frame, some purse handles and a couple of indigos for my friend.

The next morning we were out the DOOR at 6 am..bound for an antique and flea market that opened at 5:30. It was GREAT..but I wish I had my van and a trailer! The market was just about across the street from the Long Beach airport. I flew home, picked up the car and walked in the door 10 minutes before kick off : HOW ABOUT THOSE AZ CARDINALS! WHEW! Are you worn out just HEARING about it! Told ya it was a BLAST!


Celtic Heart said…
I can't believe we missed each other. If I knew you were going, we could have met for lunch or dinner or something. Most days we grabbed something to eat and met with friends near the escalators. One day we were outside enjoying that 85 degree temperature. Send me an email and tell me about the fabulous treasures you came home with and I'll do the same.
We're going next year too. Sure hope the hubby has lots of travel this year so we can fly for free again :)
Celtic Heart said…
P.S. Did you see the Grandma's Kitchen quilt top hanging in the one booth? She ran out of patterns but I found out who designed it and that she sells her patterns through two stores in Utah It was absolutely darling. She does a quilters version in the same style too.
Lynn Douglass said…
I'm so glad you kept coming back to find me! I'd have been very sad to have missed you entirely. It was great to meet you, finally! I think we could have talked all danged day! I'll see you in the chatroom!
Tanya said…
Ooh. Such fun. You were in my neck of the woods. Well, not really since I'm in Japan, but I my family flies out of Ontario CA all the time. And do you know, I've never been to the Road to California show! Boo Hoo. Sounds like a blast!
debby said…

I read your comment about your HQ Sixteen on Bonnie Hunter's blog. If you have any questions about your new machine, you can contact me at Please check out the Handi Quilter website as well. It is a wealth of information.
MOLLY said…
Great haul! I enjoyed this trip too! I can only imagine how really great it was for you! Thanks for inviting us along--

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