late design wall Monday

...well..its late MONDAY..not late as in the wrong day! Its been a busy day..and I tried to cram too much into it.

Nothing up on the wall..

except this finish! It was due at the quilt shop Saturday..but I was not feeling didn't get it quilted until Sunday. And I JUST put the last stitches in the binding. Tomorrow morning...bright and early, I will shuttle it to the quilt shop to live for awhile as a shop sample..and then a class sample! I won't get my wall hanging (same pattern, diff slit for the will just be a circle with an applique over the center...) done till after the class, so I can use it as a teaching aid.

The pictures are not very true...sorry..its after dark, so the room is not lit very well is a section. Ribbon candy in the turquoise, double bubble in the hot pink, holly and berries in the green...swirls in the purple..and dragons breath (its a free hand hooky thing...sorry..ask me another time and I will sketch it out for you...) in the setting triangles. I had fun quilting it...and it was the THIRD project finish of the week! The USC quilt just needs binding..and I quilted a quilt for a friend..(pictures of that tomorrow...)

NOW I'm exhausted..and I'm going to bed! night night. ...if you are a night owl and need some thing to look at, head over to
Judy's to see all the design wall Monday offerings! I will catch up on them tomorrow! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Rabid Quilter said…
I thought this was a Ricky Tims kaleidoscope quilt


at first but it's a tree skirt! It's beautiful!
Angie said…
It's adorable, Beth! Wish I lived close to you---I would join your classes!! :)
Lynn Douglass said…
Hey, Beth! You have been busy! Love the tree skirt, and I really enjoyed looking at your quilting! You rock!

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