bad sad day

I usually wear a lovely pair of Clarks clogs when I travel by air. They look nice, I can walk in them all day and they are easy to slip on and off at security. Imagine my distress, when we were hustling to get our off-airport parking bus, I looked down and noticed that my shoe looked larger. In the bunion I DO have bunions. They don't bother me on a regular basis...only because I'm careful to get a shoe with a big enough toe bed. These clogs DO...but this day, my bunion was looking...larger. UGH... When I got on the bus I did a bit of investigating...and much to my distress...

THIS is what I found. A BLOW OUT! I was hoping I could get them restitched. That is until I checked out the OTHER shoe:

Here we have a sad case of disintegration.

I guess I need a day of shoe shopping. Oh and a trip to the shoe repair shop. I DO have a pair of black ones. Different styling, but they are NOT NICE to my bunions. I can only wear that pair from the car to church. By the time I sit, they are OFF. I think a bit of stretching is in order.

PS. Did you catch a load of the carpet? I may have shown it before. My husband was SO excited to find a quilt patterned rug...and the right colors too! I think I have him trained to see a quilt whereever he goes. He is a keeper!


vivian said…
Those look like my favorite shoes!!I think you got the "goodie" out of them!!
Celtic Heart said…
The carpet was the first thing I noticed before I read your Clarks story. It's a sad day when you have to get rid of a pair of Clarks. I feel your pain :)

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