worn OUT!

We had our monthly Lunch Bunch potluck yesterday. I had it in my brain that I would have my friend Nancy's quilt finished to lure her to join us. Why do I think I can get it all done in an hour? I must have a very inflated view of my talents...maybe I just have SUCH a good time, it FEELS like an hour! Her quilt is nice and flat...I'm trying out a new panto I had drooled over many times before I ordered it...and my sweet husband looked at the quilt and said "THAT is a very pretty quilt!" He very rarely comments (or for that matter notices) much of what goes on in either of my sewing rooms. They are both such messes, most of the time you cannot see anything in progress! Poor Nancy! Her quilt is still on my frame...BUT...I have more realistic goals today. I'm going to finish it! ROTLF!

Are you a group sew-er? On most Lunch Bunch days, I do schlep my machine. While I like to think I'm going to get TONS done, I usually have to check out everything the group is doing (lunch bunch rule #1: you NEVER have to do the group project), say hi to all the shop staff, say hi to all the shop FABRIC...you get the picture. Yesterday, I did NOT take my machine, but I AM doing the group project. Miss M is teaching us how to make the clothesline tote bags. Did you know you can use BATTING strips instead? (you KNOW...all that scrap batting you either threw out or felt guilty about because you didnt' know WHAT to do with it?) I will show you pictures of mine, and how to do the strips soon. I have to block all of mine..they are kinda...well..lets just say..NOT STRAIGHT! It was fun to see all the colors of strips and hear the ideas flying around. When I got home, I sewed some of MY strips together, made dinner, drove and picked up Sports Guy from the last football game of his freshman year, and oh yes! I quilted 2 more rows on Nancy's quilt. I didn't realize how tired I was last night until I got up this morning. When I took off my nightgown to get dressed, I still had my BRA ON! ROTLF! Normally I that would keep me awake...I was WORN OUT!

I'm off to quilt, make Italian meat sauce for a company dinner on Tuesday, and dejunk my house...oh and there is laundry to do and put away, dogs to let in and out....see ya!

PS Sports Guy made the varsity soccer team as a FRESHMAN! There will be no living with him now!


Angie said…
Beth, you are a HOOT!!! I sit here belly laughing and my husband looks at my like I've lost what little mind I have left. ROFL I agree, you are tired, sugar. Take a break, some how some way, yoga?? :D Ain't life grand, tho, for those of us who have so many interests, and people who love and 'depend' on us, etc., yada yada yada. Now on to the main point---you just described BOTH of MY Sewing 'Stewdios'---are you sure we weren't born sisters and I was given away????? ROFL Congrats to you son, girl! I had a soccer-playing nephew back in the day and I know how their precious egos can grow in a matter of seconds LOL and rightfully so. :D
scraphappy said…
Lunch bunch sounds like lots of fun, whether or not you get tons done. I'd love to see your bag when it is done. Your day sounds so much like mine it's a little scary. We are doing ice skating and football right now instead of soccer, but the rest is a good resemblance. Have fun getting ready for your company dinner. I love when the house looks company clean, if only it would stay that way for 10 minutes or so.
Alycia said…
COngrats to Sports guy!!! Awesome job!

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