t-shirt/memory quilts

My friend Betty No Blog made this quilt. She was commissioned to make a series of quilts from clothing. She has a wonderful eye and I always get fired up when I see her work. This one is my favorite. It feels like art...and I get the same feeling as when I look at the Gee's Bend quilts. Just a simple snowball..but SO effectively placed! She asked me to quilt it...so I did!

Just be warned that we both agreed to stay away from the corner triangles during quilting. There are 8 layers in those corners! Can you say 'broken needles'? lolol

I'm piecing 2 memory/t-shirt quilts and will post pictures as soon as I have them made into tops. Do you have a favorite way to showcase t-shirts or memory quilts? I'd love to see!


Sheila said…
That's an adorable quilt! Commend your friend for me.

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