home again, home again

I DO like to travel...I just dont' like getting ready and then getting everything back to a normal schedule. I need a week to rest up from all my resting! We made a trip to Las Vegas for a soccer tournament, returned on Sunday night, my parents arrived on Tuesday, DH and I left on Wed. We spent our annual Cambria weekend with good friends, WAAAAY too much good food, and I think the best weather we have had yet. Of course, it went way to fast and now we have to wait a year to do it again...WAAAAA! We returned on Monday and my parents went home on Tuesday. Mr Sports Man and all the furry ones were glad to see us. (the furry ones wiggles and wagged tails..Mr Sports Man didn't!he is too grown up...trying out for the high school soccer team...more on that tomorrow)

I didn't take my sewing machine, but I threatened to! Instead I did binding...LOTS of binding! I finished the USC quilt..and delivered it. I thought Mr N was going to jump up and down. He loved it!

He and his wife were kind enough to let me get ONE more picture of it before it rode off into the sunset. It glows doesnt' it?

I also bound and delivered 5 of these pumpkin wall hangings. I just love pumpkins! And while I'm not a Halloween person, I DO give thanks for fall and pumpkins...funny I'm not a huge orange fan! The ladies were sweet to hang them up.

Here is a close up of one. I did them all the same except for the background fill on the pumpkins. Each one was different.

you will see more of these as I have 4 more to quilt! First up, I have a customer quilt on the frame. I taught a class on Tues and last night, and had another class scheduled for this morning, but I didn't get any students. A DAY FREE! Yippeee! (just so you know..i DO love to teach quilting..who would NOT want to hook someone on my favorite pastime? :::grin:::)

Any suggestions on how much to charge for a memory quilt? I had someone ask me to make two. I think I need to see what sizes of fabric I have to work with and how large they want them. I surely don't want to charge alot..but I don't want to give it away either. I think this is the hardest part of providing a service! I have heard people say 'oh,its just SEWING! how long could it take?' and then ask you do so something that basically needs you to take the garment apart and resew the whole thing. JUST sewing! HARRUMMPH!

Off to the frame and the washing machine! As Mrs Goodneedle says :

Life is GOOD!


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