Mental picture

Last night, I foolishly finshed up some of my son's take out food. I wont' mention where, as the food was fine. My system didn't take to it too well. So ..anyway,I was awake in the middle of the night. Heartburn...sat up..turned on the TV...surfed. Then I LAUGHED out loud! The dogs got up and LOOKED at me! The show that caught my fancy? UFO Hunters! I had a mental picture of SOMEONE digging thru my quilt studio hunting my UFOS! ROTLF...can't you just see all the fabric flying? This is one of my favorite t-shirts. I get at least one new one every year from Block Party. I also have some of their printed panels and a coffee mug. They have my kind of sense of humor!


Sweet P said…
What a hilarious shirt. I have to get one for me.
G'G'ma said…
Sorry you couldn't sleep. I have designed so many quilts as I lay trying to sleep... too bad they never even make it to the cutting table! There are 778 women with my name. I checked my name with my maiden name also and that was 1,039. Lois is a pretty old fashioned name.
Tanya said…
That is a great T shirt! How true! I think most of us quilters keep a sense a humor just because everything looks like so much fun to do all the time!

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