Do you have trouble getting motivated? I DO...especially my house! We rarely entertain...and the men that live here don't seem to care if the piles of clutter overtake us! (Actually its not THAT bad!..but I'm SICK of it!) Here are some pictures of what the 'surfaces' in my house look like!

kitchen counter (after THREE days of decluttering I might don't give me ANY SLACK!)

Kitchen table (ditto the counter!)

Dining room table....

I have set up a sorting table on my side of the garage...My friend Janet helped me get the table down. ONLY the things with REAL HOMES can come back into the house...and be PUT away. I have already filled the garbage can (mostly with styrofoam peanuts I cannot recycle) and the recycle can is almost full. We may have my husband's brother and SIL visit in a couple of weeks. Good time to pare down. The back of the van is stuffed. I was going to wait till Friday when I went to Lunch Bunch (there is a thrift store nearby I like) BUT...that stuff is in the van..and its getting donated TODAY, so I can fill it up again TOMORROW! Someone warn my husband...HE has a list too! :::grin::::

Anyone have a favorite jelly roll pattern? I have a book...and a couple of Bonnie's patterns are jelly roll friendly...but do you have a favorite? Would you share with me? I have two friends (yes I have MORE! lolol) that want to do a jelly roll
project together online.

I have something 'springy' to I will post again tonight or in the morning.
Thanks for stopping by!


Sweet P said…
We decluttered a lot when we moved two weeks ago, even though we moved into a larger place.

I only allow clutter on one public surface - the dining room table and even then I clean it once a week. In our bedroom I'm much more lax. Both dressers and night stands get cluttered.

Lest you think I'm a neatnik - I hate sweeping floors. Our new condo has wood floors in the living room, dining room and kitchen. UGH! I'd rather clean off tables than sweet a floor.
dot said…
Hey, I feel like I just walked into my home with these pictures. I don't feel so bad, I thought I was the only one with clutter like this.
jillquilts said…
I have a Wagon Wheels pattern and have started on the blocks. I like the way that it is coming together and it is fairly easy while looking like it is pretty difficult.
Norma said…
I have spent three months on this declutter thing..........could spend three more but I am done for now. At least you are smart enough to get it out of the house........big garage sale at my house this weekend and there are stacks of junk all over!! I can hardly wait until it is OUT OF HERE. I like your pictures, makes it feel like home. lol
Beth said…
A woman after my own heart....those "How Clean is Your House?" Chicks would give me trouble over my house right now. But seemingly, I don't care.

Did I tell you the Legal Adult left Phoenix after only 2 weeks? Yep, he's back in Kentucky.
Mary said…
We never have people drop by so I let things pile up too - I'll probably have to be better at the townhouse.

WOW, what will you do with all those lemons? Some pie would be good!

I've only used one Jelly Roll but I did cobblestone blocks - I called them boxed squares and you can see my instructions here:
Michele said…
Heh. Just don't drop by MY house without a couple of weeks warning.

The lemons make me homesick - I grew up in south Florida with lots of citrus trees around. End of March, spring break, here we come!

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