OK, before all you living in snowy, cold, and freezing areas BLAST me for these pictures...JUST remember, you WILL get your revenge in the summer when we hit 115 for WEEKS. Disclaimer over!

Here is my lemon tree...not as loaded with lemons as SOME years, but full nonetheless! If you look right in the middle of the picture just on the right side of the trunk of the tree...you can see the wierdo lab trying to get a BIRD who teases him from the recessed of the tree! You can see his tail sticking out toward that abandoned toddler car! (that my 12 yr old will NOT let me get rid of! 'MOM, we STAND on that" GOOD REASON TO GET RID OF IT! rotlf!)
Close up of ONE small part of one branch!

getting ready to bloom! They will smell wonderful..but make my nose run!

Here are the fruits of our 10 mins of labor..and we have not EVEN started cleaning out this tree! I ran out of bags...and will try to get rid of these FIRST..then pick more! Oh..and I had already taken 2 bags to my neighbor to take to their campground.


Hazel said…
Ok I'm soooooooo jealous ,we are in the middle of a snow and ice storm right now .
The pics are beautiful and sure wish I was closer to take some of them lemons off your hands .I right now we are paying 2 for $1.00
Suzan said…
Lemons from your very own tree...that must be heavenly! I am looking forward to spring here but my sinuses are not!!
QuiltingFitzy said…
Well...I got ONE lemon as a result of last winter's freeze. The ONLY one.

So tell me this please, when it blossoms it is time to pick all the fruit? (And should I apply that rule to my orange and grapefruit?)

Thanks for your help!
Deb (vtquilter) said…
Wow! I'll bet you have lots of lemon recipes! I just paid $1 for a large one for my lemon chicken recipe that I'll make tomorrow night.
Amelia said…
And we are supposed to get to 17 degrees tonight. Summer time we get over 100 degrees too.

Enjoy your lemons and lemonade.

Amelia ~ in Oklahoma
Norma said…
I tell ya, have a garage sale, put the lemons in a box with a sign saying, "Free, PLEASE take a few". Ok, so twice we had to chase after someone and tell them we needed our BOX. They just grabbed the box full and took off. DH refilled the box three times and then said he was done....LOL
lemon menus all round at your house....lemon delicious puudding would be my favourite, haven't had it for years!
The kitchen table picture made me very happy!! I am a regular declutterer as well.
LOVED the jelly rolls, aren't they addictive! Tracey

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