Stash busting report

OH DEAR! I was doing SO well! This week I fell FLAT on my face! OH is the damage:

1 bolt of white muslin
1 yd red fabric for my cheater I spy
(these two I'm not gonna feel guilty about. The muslin is for a school project to follow in April...and a dyeing project I'm doing with friends.)

THEN I hit the AQG yearly Quilt show yesterday. I was doing pretty well...until the END! Here is my haul:
TWO kits! (rarely buy kits) I fell in LOVE with this duck. The small container has the 2nd kit: red/white/and blue baseball. That could be a Quilt of Valor...we will see...

Two cones of King Tut-in preparation for my son's quilt,a Sharon Schamber CD on unmarked freemotion. Those red and white units are this weeks clue on my QOV Mystery. I think we are about to put blocks together. Too bad I may be out of town next week...I will have to wait! Maybe we won't get out till Monday! (oh DRAT! lolol)

of COURSE I'm proud to be a quilter! rotlf (this is a t-shirt. I was happy to find it in red. I don't buy black shirts...they fade too much and too hot in the summer anyway...

How did YOU do on your stash?


Amelia said…
Love the T-Shirt~!

Amelia ~ in Oklahoma
You will have to give a report on the Sharon Schamber DVD. I love her work.
Mary said…
I bought some fat quarters while I was at Mom's this week - 2.5 yards total which isn't too bad.
Those are all great purchases, no feeling guilty!!
Anonymous said…
Jo-Ann in MA - I couldn't resist that cute little duck either.
Shelina said…
I've been doing pretty good so far - I stay as far away from the stores as possible, and stay at the machine finishing up projects that have already been started. I too can see why you couldn't resist the duckies. I had a good laugh about your bobbin problem on your last post. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does things like that.
KathySWFL said…
That little duck is to cute! And the shirt is awesome....Can't wait to see what the school project is.
Tanya said…
Ooh. Tell me what you learn from Sharon Schamber's CD!
Great t-shirt, and I love the one about the stash as well, looks like me every day! Have fun on your blog break, sometimes it is just hard to get to the computer!
Oh, did the name search, there are 6 with my exact name too! Tracey

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