Step One!

Ready to get started? Here we go:

just a few things before we go...
1. Please e-mail me if you are stuck, or if I posted the wrong thing/measurement..oh, YOU know what I mean! I'm human...correct me! Get help if you want it!
2.I will be posting about other projects I'm working on. Remember, I have my whole top done, so you could see it before we started! I will post THIS as 'steps' and leave THAT word out of other subjects.
3. I would love to see what you picked/how you are doing! I plan on posting a step every 2 weeks, but if you want to pick up the pace let me know. I will see how others are doing also.
4. I'm kind of ADD when it comes to quilting. I flit from project to project. With that in mind, I will have you cut as we go. ( I get SOOOO bored cutting the whole quilt before I get to sew!) Try to do part of the step, if you only have a few minutes and pin more for later. That way you will be able to sit and sew the next time you have a few minutes. I HATE to have to figure out what is next...AND
pin..THEN I can sew. If you are prepared, you can just take right off.
5. All seams are 1/4 inch. If you are a new quilter, this can REALLY mess up the success of a quilt! If one seam is 1/16th off...and the next one is too...and all the way across a quilt, you could be up to an inch or more off by the time you are done! Check out yours on a scrap piece of fabric. Measure it by hand to double check.
6. LAST one I promise! I will be referring to the colors by what I picked. If you chose different colors (as most of us do..needing to make it our OWN!), subsitute in your colors in the directions.

Step ONE:

From blue fabric:
Cut 2 3½ inch WOF (width of fabric) strips. Sub cut into 3½ inch squares.
(need 20)

-cut 8 2inch strips

From cream on cream fabric:

-cut 8 3½ inch strips WOF Sub cut into 3½ inch squares (need 80)

-cut 8 2 inch strips WOF

Set 3½ squares aside.
Sew each 2 inch blue strip to a 2 inch cream strip. Iron toward the blue.

scrappy version?
You will need :
20 3.5 inch sqs for the center of this block.
80 3.5 inch sqs for background
160 2 inch sqs for background on corner 4 patches
160 2 inch sqs for contast in corner 4 patches

Sew: each 2" background sq to a contrast 2" sq. Iron toward the contrast.


this looks like lots of fun to follow, tracey

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