And I thought I had slipped thru the net!

Here are the rules : ( and its a RULE to post the RULES...see # 2!!)

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Some of this stuff you may know about me! Julie...that meants YOU! HA!

1. I have lived in 3 countries in my life : 2 ½ years in Taiwan in the 60s (BOY does that DATE ME!!), 5 years in Spain in the early 80s...and of course the good 'ole US of A! Both other stays were complements of the US Air Force. Taiwan with my family...and Spain with my newlywed (at the TIME) husband...

2. We have 3 children: a daughter who is an AF pilot, a son who wants to study to be a nurse, and a son who was adopted at 4 months from Korea. They are all SO different!
It is fun to see how they progress....let me REPHRASE that! SOMETIMES its fun to see how they progress! Each has their challenges, strengths, senses of humor. And I love each one the best!

3. I am an AZ Diamondback baseball FAN...AHEM..that is short for FANATIC! My husband will call me from out of town to see just what I'm up to. "HONEY! You will have to call me BACK! I'm SEWING and watching the D-BACKS!!!" We don't have season tickets....YET! I think I will ask for them the year our youngest goes off to college. (HE is a RED SOX fan and will NOT accompany me to games unless he wants to see the visiting team! ::::SIGH::::) Stay tuned to this station for a baseball addition to my family room. The idea is still percolating in my brain.

4. I don't like avocados/guacamole or sour cream. ick... I DO like liverwurst and liver and onions. Don't get them very often tho.

5.The next animal I get will be a Westie. I have wanted one for YEARS. I promised my husband I would limit myself to 2 dogs..and we HAVE 2 dogs. My 'terrorist' I MEAN terrier is preparing me for life with a West Highland White terrier. I will do my homework and try to get a rescue tho...

6. I have OVER 40 UFOS. That is a matter of PRIDE! Heck...I don't have 100! Sheesh...you would think that 40 UFOs is a CRIME or something....

7.I met my husband on a blind date. We married 3 years plus one day later. He was at the AF Academy and we were set up by his squadron's active duty advisor. The advisor had worked with my dad when I was in high school. I even baby sat their kids once or twice. My DH almost said no to the date..his parents were in town. He thought he would not have time for a date too. His roommate said "you should take her out. She is from out of town, so if she is a DOG, you dont' have to take her out again" You know, I actually still love that guy! If not for him, I would not have even MET my DH! Thanks Jack!

8. I know..I KNOW! The RULES say 7....too BAD! You get EIGHT! Lucky you!...I'm not an Elizabeth...JUST Beth. I had no middle name till I got married..now I use my maiden name for my middle initial. good THING too! My initials are BKS...do the math! HA!

OK...Now that you are SORRY I got tagged...consider yourSELF tagged...IF you have a blog and have not been pre-tagged! Thanks Suzan for the tag!


Suzan said…
Thanks for the info - see besides quilting, we have something else in common - military brats! Just because I am nosey, do you (or your husband) by any chance happen to know Jim Hettler? (Also retired AF) I just wanted to see if the world is as small as I think it is!
jillquilts said…
Very interesting items you have! thanks for sharing!
Norma said…
My great white hunter was in Twaiwan at CCK in 69/70. Of course, that meant he was in and out of Nam on TDY but he was stationed there. I wss home in Colorado with one son and gave birth to another while I was there. He was 8 months old when his Daddy saw him for the first time. Ah, the good old days of the AF. We were just enlisted but still part of that extended family.

I enjoyed hearing all about you.........and hey, I knew you were great, anyone who likes liver and onions is way up there on my list!! LOL I don't get them much either, the family does not share that one!
CONNIE W said…
If I were to get a dog again (unlikelyl though) I would choose a Westie because they're the cutest doggie I've ever seen. At one time we had Maltese that was a very good pet.
Beth said…
LOL Beth.....I'm a "Just Beth" too, but Beth is my middle name and have always gone by Beth. In school I had teachers that insisted that I was Elizabeth or Bethany and my mom would get very mad at them LOL

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