the BIG 5-0!

Well blog big day has arrived. Yes, today at 3:30am (my mom threatened to wake me up as I did her!) I turned fifty. My husband is a year and half older than I , so I really have nothing to fear. It has been a nice day except for one thing. Today the last F-16 jet left Luke AFB for other bases. The squadron my husband has been associated with since 1987 is being moved to Elmedorf AFB Alaska. For almost 20 years, that has been our home away from home. The members our family. I have to tell you,I cried. I guess I had it in the back of my mind that our daughter would fly there as well. That is a hard dream to give up. I know she has her own story to write and I would never tell her what to do. I have full trust in her and her ability to write that story. I do know she would like the opportunity to fly a fighter to serve her country. That is her dream. So it is mine too.

I will borrow a birthday idea from Nancy. If you are Heartstrings members, will you make a block for my birthday? Donate it whereever you would send your other blocks, use it in your quilt, it is up to you. Thanks for helping me celebrate!

I have been working on Judys Hour a Day quilt and my feathered star. Nothing to post pictures of yet..but soon. I also have houseguests who will be leaving I will have more time in the studio this week.

Look who found a 'pillow' in my studio!! The scamp! He is the terrorist...I mean TERRIER. He is alot of fun and is always playing with toys or his 4-legged brother.

Here HE is playing dead dog VERY well! They make it very hard to walk around in there...:::sigh:::::

Maybe this week I will get a few dog beds made for them. I might intice them to stay in ONE place if they have a nice bed to head for! Who's coming over for birthday cake!!??


Happy, Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. It's our 30th anniversary so a good day all around. :-)
Patti said…
A very happy 50th birthday to you Beth! I made lots of string blocks yesterday and tonight, but I need to make a bunch more to have enough for my top. The next bunch I make I'll dedicate to you. This string quilt will go to Hotel Hope - I've talked about that charity in my blog.
Angie said…
Happy, happy birthday, girlfriend!!! The BIG 5-0!! I'm sad to say that in 13 more days I will be a WHOLE year older than you!!! Yup, I survived the BIG one and I'm moving right along (pretty darn swiftly, I might add)!! LOL Hope you have a lovely day!
Anonymous said…
Happy Late Birthday, from one Beth to another! I'm so sorry I missed your big day...I'm just 6 1/2 years behind you, and I'm actually looking forward to it.
Becky said…
Happy Birthday!

Funny how you can be a Phoenix area resident and not know anything about Luke. Are they going to close the base, or just not have fighter jets there?
Beth said…
Becky~ It is just one of the reserve squadrons that closed. The active duty training squadrons are still up, running, and full of pilots!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes...wait till you see what my mom gave me! Pictures to come...
chicpilot said…
A bit late on the birthday wishes, and I wouldn't be very good at the birthday block, but that doesn't mean I can't be a Hellion... its just a bit further away then it should be.

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