OK ..I'm happily cutting away and I take a piece to the ironing end of my cutting table. I notice there is a new blue stain on the pad. After a few tries, I locate the offending fabric..my FAVORITE! I do wash all my fabrics (after a couple disasterous bleeding incidents), so I dont' come across this very often. Here is the dilemma...do I wash these pieces and try again? Do I DUMP this one fabric (its scrappy so not a real problem)? Do I keep going and just make sure to use a Color Catcher/Dye Magnet on this until there is no more color bleeding? How would you handle this?

PS before you let me CROW about lovely kite shapes..just know that I cut them for the wrong size feathered star FIRST! Anyone planning a blue radiant star from Marsha McCloskey's feathered star book in 12 inches? :::Grin:::: In the mean time I have plenty to cut/sew before I am ready for these shapes anyway....Back to Poirot!


Patti said…
Do you have some Retayne? If not, get some. It will stop the bleeding of commercially dyed fabrics. It's available in quilt shops or on the internet. That's what I'd do.
I would freak, run around a lot, wash it again, ask a few more people, wash it again, say that's about good enough ...and sew it!! But that's just me!
So pleased about that "live birth abroad" much better than the obvious alternative. Cool that you have been able to live in different countries. Your daughter will be able to travel there or live there no worries with the birth certificate.
I am ladder mad and loved seeing yours. i am about to burn over to judy to see the new hour a day quilt, with the dodgy computer I am behind on news, cheers, tracey
Su Bee said…
LOL - I'm with Tracey - but I'd cuss a little too! Then wash, wash, wash. It's way too pretty not to use *
Susan said…
If there aren't that many of them, stick them in a quart jar with hot water and detergent and let them soak, with a little agitating now and then, for an hour or so and rinse until the water is clear. Or toss a dye magnet in every time you wash the quilt for a while - won't be too long.

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