Mom's birthday gift to me

I promised pictures so here they are. I have preface the pictures with "she MADE me open this in front of everyone at the restaurant!" And she made my son take pictures...could have been video, I'm not sure! ...

Costume circa Itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini! Gee THANKS mom! I will have to see if I can dredge up a picture of me as a youngster...I think she has them all...

This tutu I wore at the same recital. Only one shoe survived..that is with the bikini.I am amazed she saved these as my dad was AF and we moved OFTEN! Ah, if your mom does not save this kinda stuff..NO ONE will! HA!


I saved my girls tutus also! That's a great idea to give them back to them at a birthday party.

thanks for that suggestion on my blog about the quilt shop in NYC.
Sweet P said…
Love the bikini and the tutu! Aren't moms great?

Belated Happy Birthday.

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