Oh I'm SO disgusted with myself!! Today I taught a bargello placemat class. I had 10 students..with LOVELY colors for their bargellos...did I take any PICTURES???? NOOOOOOO! Did I have my CAMERA??? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Geeze oh PETE !~ (my son hates it when I say that! teehee no CLUE what it means....but I guess it means I'm disgusted with myself!) I have only taught a few classes..and this was the 1st time for this particular one. I think everyone had a good time and went home with at least an idea of how to proceed...well I hope so anyway. I just wish I could show you their progress. I had fun...so I hope they did too.

Well last night was a long night. My husband had 'volunteered' to drive our daughter's new (to her) car to Austin. That is two fairly long days from here. He got there w/o any problems despite the fact that it is a RED sports car! (can you say...YOO HOO deputy! can you give me a TICKET red???? lolol)Our daughter on the other hand, got to Dallas and her flight to Austin had been cancelled. So my husband, being the good father he is, passed up a perfectly good flight from Austin to Phoenix, and drove the car up to Dallas. This also shaved off a couple of hours on daughter's drive back to Mississippi. She is taking a class online and has an outline due this evening...so she really needed to get back. Dad gets out of the car...daughter gets in the car....drives away. Dad is now STUCK in Dallas ..they CLOSED the airport due to high winds!~ Poor guy...he was just trying to be a GOOD DAD!! He FINALLY made it home last night...after the sun went down, the winds died down and USAir got a couple flights out...I picked him up at around 11:20 or so. So up late...I 'taught' in my sleep all night...and then got up early cause I get excited/nervous/ anxious before class. I'm sitting here staring glassy-eyed at the computer cause I really cannot go to bed at 6:47! The sun is not even down yet...and my kiddo will not hit the hay before 9:30 or so. I bet I feel like a mack truck ran me over in the morning!

I hope to get the checkerboard border on the hour a day quilt tonight (if I can keep my eyes open!) or tomorrow. I think I will have to take a picture of it outside...as my 'human quilt hanger' just left on a trip. :::sniff sniff::: I think i will make him a strawberry rhubarb pie before he comes home on Friday. OK I'm off to catch up on my blog reading. I have sewing class in the morning tomorrow. Then I have nothing all week. Think thats a GREAT time to clean off the frame and DIVE in to quilt something! See you tomorrow...a bit more awake I hope!


Anonymous said…
Dang...poor dude. I hope he doesn't get jet lag.

Don't beat yourself up about the camera. I forget I have one in my purse most of the time. But I do look forward to seeing your finished hour a day quilt.
Shelina said…
Don't worry about not taking pictures Beth. You were too busy having fun and teaching. And you have your memories.
Your DH certainly is a good Dad- I'm sure he's earned some brownie points - or should I say strawberry rhubarb pie points!
I hope you get some rest so you can get on to quilting.

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