Well, its 9am here...and I'm all ALONE! (well except for my 4 footed kids!) My husband took our 11 yr old to the FBR Open (golf tournament for you non-sports fans) I think it was 2 yrs ago they went, and they were watching Stewart Cink on the driving range. His caddy saw our son and took a shine to him. Pointed him out to Stewart to took him a golf glove ( and signed it if I remember right). Later, as they followed him around, Stewart hit a shot and cocked his head to follow its flight. The caddy caught ds(dear son) with HIS head cocked at just the same angle...he was given a golf ball too! They got a big kick out of that! My husband had to tell him on the ride home "Son, you won't get a glove and ball very often!" Hard to top that for a kid! He has been hooked ever since.

I'm off to sew...I have a feathered star to finish cutting out (all 160 HST shown earlier are sewn, paper pulled off and seams ironed OPEN) more on the HST later I hope, Judy's Hour a day quilt to finish up cutting in preparation to sew tomorrow, and more string blocks thrown in. Oh and I also have all the rows done and ironed on another Matchstick Marimba. I will post pictures AFTER the Super Bowl. I dont' have a favorite team in this yrs game...I just LOVE sports! See you later with PROGRESS!


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