quilt ladder

Our local craft show was last weekend. My small group met for breakfast (some of us) and carpooled to the show. I had to go by myself as my husband had scheduled a repairman to come look at my cooktop. Turns out it is not repairable. I got to pay for a service call just to hear that...and also (after we TOLD them it was an induction cooktop) that they had to call one of two repairmen that COULD fix one (he was not called on this service call) to get his opinion OVER THE PHONE. I was a mite peeved. Its not like we didn't TELL them what kind of cooktop! OK..I have vented ..thank you.

Oh...I was going to show you my treasure from the show. Do any of you have a place to keep your precut strips or WIPs? I have a quilt ladder. It is really for showing off quilts..and keeping them close at hand. I had this one in my sewing studio till recently, but now it is too big. It lives in the family room and holds quilts and fleece blankets.

Here is the new one I bought. I have already started cutting for Judy's Feb Quilt a Hour a Day quilt. You can also see a couple of rows of a new Matchstick Marimba. It is a smaller ladder. No place yet for it in the studio tho!

Here is the old stand by clothes drying rack! You can see this one is full too!! Strips for the Bargello placemats I'm going to teach at the end of Feb. If it finds its way here..I don't have to IRON it again!!

How do you store prepared pieces ready for sewing?


Angie said…
Hi Beth! I'm been in hiding for a while LOL but keeping up with what everyone else has been doing. :) I LOVE your quilt ladders!! The one with your quilts hanging on it looks just lovely...and the one with the strips is a great idea! Where did you get them? Maybe I need to get myself a Valentine's Day gift, ya think??? LOL
Sweet P said…
I love your quilt ladders. I've been thinking about finding one. I have a great space for it in my studio.
Anonymous said…
Now, that's a great idea! I should get one of those as I have strips hanging from every available chair back in the house!

Thanks for adding me to your links! I've been keeping up with you, too!
Shelina said…
Those quilt ladders are great - and the drying rack. My things are either draped on the back of my sewing chair or stuffed in a closet, where I will definitely have to press again.

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