Isn't it lovely to SIT down when you have just been FLYING around (low altitude tho!)??? Every room in my house looks like someone ransacked it. My loving husband decided we needed a new bed. (its nice..I like it!)..BUT..the old one is still in my living room! (hence dinner in the family room! lol!) He decided we needed some drywall and painting done (hence the painting supplies and ladder left by workman who is not done yet...in the living room AND the family room)..oh...and a cornice was 'living' right in front of the TV...:::SIGH:::: I finally gave UP and decided my family could really care less. I ignored it and enjoyed them instead.

here are the two big ones playing Guitar Hero...we actually had two of them in one room on PS2 playing..and the youngone on his new Wii playing Guitar Hero in the FAMILY room! too funny! (Note the red cornice laying on its side on the right! Oh and the spray bottle in the foreground..THAT is for ironing my fabric which never got put away!)

drawstring bags for gifties to the ladies I teach sewing with.

more pillowcases....

closeup of the penquins...this was WalMart fab..I rooted around and found two cute patterns with coordinating fab for the cuffs and contrast.

THIS was my favorite! It just followed me home! I didnt' feel too bad because as soon as I washed it, it was cut up and sewn..and out the door!

I have more pictures..but will wait till tomorrow so I don't post pictureless. I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Our Christmas was lovely. Quiet....all 3 kids here (even the one who lives in Mississippi made it all the way to AZ!)

And here is the birthday boy! He now has his Wii FIRMLY ensconced in the family room where his mother has to listen to him play guitar ALL DAY LONG! :::::S I G H::::: He would not let me take a picture of his face...so you will have to be content with a picture of the back of his Red Sox/Ortiz jersey and his long hair (NOT FOR LONG!)


Elaine Adair said…
...and just WHAT is that item on the floor that the guys are standing on? Is it actually a log cabin rug? That's the only thing I can focus on -- if that's a rug - you take the cake for being the ... 'quiltiest' of all us quilty bloggers!

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