need a quick homemade gifty?

Oh drat...I hit enter and the blog published...and all I had typed was the TITLE!

It is a gray rainy day here in the desert of AZ. Yes it DOES rain here! ( We are a desert..but not the GOBI desert!

(yes I KNOW this is really White Sands National Park in New Mexico...) I believe most people think this is what Arizona looks like. We are in the Sonoran Desert..and THIS is what we look at:

All those plants need water too! They are just adept at living inbetween waterings.

Norma has a great "time consuming' recipe for gift giving. I have one too..but no pictures to go if you need a quick is the recipe, and I promise pictures when I make mine next week:

Mock Turtles

small twisted or square pretzels
Rolo candies
pecan halves

Put pretzels on waxed paper on a cookie sheet. You can put as many as you like.
These do not spread. Top each pretzel with an unwrapped Rolo candy. (this takes the longest...unwrapping the candies!)

Put in 200 degree preheated oven for TWO minutes. Press a pecan half down so the candy smushes into the pretzel. (don't you LOVE those very TECHINCAL terms...SMUSH)

I like to pop the cookie sheet into the oven when its cooled a bit. It helps the caramel in the candy to set. You are done!

A good box to put them in are the Chinese food boxes you can buy new (and in lots of colors!) at Micheals. Be sure to include the recipe!

Sometimes I need just a bit more time in the oven. If the cookie sheet is full...or if your oven is not quite at may need a little more.


Norma said…
Now that is what I call quick and easy. I love to have salty and chocolate taste all in one. Let's see, got the Rolos, got the pecans, just need the pretzels! Thank I can impress a whole new set of folks with my "amazing" cooking ability! Learned a new cooking term too, SMUSHED! LOL
QuiltingFitzy said…
Would you two STOP it?!

My bod already looks like Santa, thank you very much.

3 AZ Santas, oh now how great is that, lol.
Angie said…
These are soooo yummy! One of my neighbors 'introduced' me to them last year. :>
jayayceeblog said…
Wow, those sound easy and delicious. I'm thinking that the hard part is actually giving them away!
Linda said…
I love AZ. I think it is one of the pretties places. We often drive through and I always enjoy the it. And as for the candy. YUM! I have to go get everything to make it but it sounds easy and a good "small" gift. Thanks so much!!

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