Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

I have not made it into the sewing room ...YET! I downloaded Picasa. I am hoping it will help me put a collage together I can use for a header. Does anyone know of a site that has photographs of the alphabet? I saw it on another blog (where I have NO idea!). You could pick from diff pictures of all the letters of the alphabet. They were formatted for posting on a blog. I thought I had saved the site, but I cannot find it in my favorites.

This is one of my favorite free motion books. I may have shown you before, but I find myself going back to this set everytime I quilt. I am trying to decided what to quilt on the red/white/blue quilt on my frame. It seems this is an ongoing problem! I have the machine all ready to go..the quilt loaded...and then I cannot decide WHAT to quilt. I may get really brave and try that panto again.

I also add my own touches when I modify her ideas.

I'm off to have some lunch...leftover homemade alphabet beef soup...and watch AF/Cal game. GO FALCONS!


Shelina said...

I just love Shepherd's Pie! Happy New Year.

Jen said...

That looks like a neat book. I should start the new year with a fresh doodle book....hmmmm time to pull out a fresh notebook!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your new header looks great. I'm not sure if this was the website you were looking for but it might help.



Joan said...

Where can the book be purchased? I have the PJ Quilter Reloaded. Does she have a different video (an earlier one perhaps??).