A Christmas mess!

How is the level of STUFF at your house? It used to worry me...I wanted everything neat and tidy. But I got over it a few years ago, and now I just enjoy the process. I'm finishing up 2 table runners destined for gifts. They are the same pattern ..just different themes.

Here is the 1st one

close up of the center ...I love the feel of grape leaves!

The small squares are wine corks! I also chose a fall fabric for the back so it is reversible...and heat resistant (insulbrite inside...a bit of a challenge to quilt tho..it was puffier than what I usually use)

The center fabric on this runner is a childrens' Chrismas pagent. I hope I have enough to make one for me too!

Here are the cookies in a jar for teacher /school presents. I had fun making a MESS! Now off to print out the baking instructions. If you would like the recipe I found it

PS ignore the crock pot in the picture. I made oatmeal in it this morning. After I take out all the rest of the leftover oatmeal, I fill the empty (sticky) crockpot with water...turn it on low for about an hour and VOILA! Easy clean up! It just has not made it over to the sink yet...but it WILL! HA!

Off to sew up some pillowcases. I have a set to get in the mail to my mom...see you tomorrow!


Jeri said…
the table runners are great! and I really like the cookies-in-a-jar gift idea.
Angie said…
Well, girl, I was ready to send out the Quilt Police squad to see if you had gotten 'buried' in the stash!!! LOL Sooooo glad to 'see' you, my friend! And those tablerunners are beautiful! Thanks bunches, too, for the link to the 'jar mix recipe'. They has some really GREAT mix recipes on there! Makes me hungry just reading through the list. :> Happy Holidays, girlfriend!
Sweet P said…
We have small apartment so we don't have toom for a lot "stuff", thank God.

I'm curious how you make oatmeal in a crock pot. Sounds yummy.
Beth said…

Love the table runner! and the corks are great!

Thanks for your kind words about my son,....it really made me feel better!
And when I come see him, I'll come and see you, too! I'm always up for a shophop;)
Norma said…
By the way, if that first table runner needs a home, I will gladly adopt it. I will provide a good home, I will even redecorate around it!! (well, after I convince my hubby). Just thought I would offer, just in case, you know. LOL

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