I'm on a snowflake kick...Here are the one hanging on either side of the front door. I had a hard time getting a decent picture. too much glare! The middle one was a dollar store snag. The flat ones were a Micheals purchase. I like how they kinda of turn around through out the day. ( I had promised Norma a picture yesterday...and you know what happens when you make plans??? Well, God had a good chuckle at my expense. I ended up squiring all three of my men around...1st trip at 7:30 am...ending up with a quick trip downtown getting home around 9pm! No wonder I feel washed out today! Sorry Norma!)

Today was my Lunch Bunch Christmas potluck. We all brought a gifty (the dollar limit was $10..but you will see what I got was MORE than that!) We drew a number..and then picked a present according to that number. Look what I got!! My friend made one of these last year...and it was a HUGE hit! I'm the lucky one this yr.

Cute bag...sewing the flap...CHRISTMAS!

Look at all the sewing gadgets! They include a small olfa green mat (have you ever seen them this small???, small rotary cutter, scissors, mechanical pencil, seam ripper, tape measure. 1X6 inch ruler ...needles and a chalk wheel! I'm guessing I will grab THIS as I head out the door to class! I think I'm headed off to the sewing room to try them out. ((If I don't get headed off at the pass by a raving, starving, BORED 11 yr old boy!)


Norma said…
I forgive you! But I did come looking for the snowflakes yesterday! LOL I like them, and the fact that they turn around just like snowflakes fly. Now I think I NEED some of those. See how I am?
Nutrinotas said…

Solo queria que entres y veas mi blog ... si?
Tanya said…
That is a wonderful looking sewing bag! Don't suppose your friend has a tutorial. I run through the house looking for my tools before I go and usually decide I'll just have to borrow someone elses'!

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