OK.....I'm a crossword puzzle fan!

OK..I'll admit it! Used to be I could read the Living section of the newspaper UNACCOSTED. I read ALL the comics and do the United Artist cross word puzzle. Our paper also has the LA Times one, but I have not 'graduated' to that one yet! All this week, the paper has had 'gifties' in it. Monday was a read-along story and yesterday was THIS:
It is a whole middle section wide! I started it yesterday and am about a third of the way done. I did find a hidden word! There is a word in the puzzle..but no clue. Today they published the answer..and the hidden word does not appear on IT either! I had a bunch of letters, but hubby got the word. Not bad for no clue! Yesterday's paper had 12 Sudoku puzzles in a little booklet. My husband fights me for the Living section now to do those. He graciously let our daughter have them for the flight home.
Here is a batch of Italian meat sauce simmering :it has mild Italian sausage and meat balls. I need it to make THIS:
Here is the eggplant frying up....
For my DD's favorite: Eggplant Parmesan. She will FIGHT you for it for her breakfast! LOLOL
This is my favorite t-shirt of Christmas presents. My daughter gave it to her youngest brother...he eats NON STOP and is under the impression I'm his STAFF! HARUMPH!


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